Gal Shopping in the West

A monitored community that only allows gyaru specific items to be sold: gyaru_com_sales

Another gyaru sales community - not all items listed are always gal-related though: gyarusales

Circle lens pre-orders for gaijin gyaru: Gyaru Eyes

Japanese gyaru fashion and beauty magazines: Royal Quartz

Gal clothing straight from Japan: Euro Gal

Many styles of gal clothing, all imported from Asia: Yes Style

Gyaru items from Suteki's galsa members: Suteki109

Colorful, cute false nails: SavDesigns

Large selection of quality custom nails: NeverTooMuchGlitter

Deco and fancy false nails: Cel's Deco Nails

Items for sale from the gaijin galsa, Kenashi: Kenashi Shop

Sweet deco items and nails: Aya's Kawaii Mono Ya San

Clothing to wear with gyaru-kei coordinations (website in French): Mode Japon

Old school ganguro Alba Rose items: Gyaru Sale

Gal clothing, yukata and more: Makiko Online Shop

Beautifully deco'd phone, Nintendo and ipod cases: Lux Addiction

Clothing, shoes and accessories to wear with military, resort-kei, gyaru-kei and more: boohoo

All Korean circle lenses are $20 in this shop: My Candy Eyes

One of the first to sell Japanese nails online, their collection now also includes clothing, deco, circle lenses, accessories and beauty products: Yukiumi

Selling cute Liz Lisa style clothing: 定係最新款

A circle lens and eyelash seller with positive feedback (all lenses $20): Kiwiberry1's Collection

Circle lenses other than just GEO brand: Honey Color

109 brands and other gal clothes including coordinate sets: Shibuya Closet

Cute gyaru-kei clothing, most items have prices listed: Lovely Angels

A variety of circle and cosplay lenses: mukuCHU

Ulzzang and Gal clothing + shoes: Pretty Gal's Shop

Cosmetics, contact lenses and clothing for gals and couples: Shop On Blog

Gal clothes featuring blogger Fokis (website in Swedish): Melba

Blog dedicated to selling Japanese/Gal fashion and cosmetics: Popu Store

Gyaru clothing from Asia, includes plus sizes: J Style Shopper

Clothing to suit Mode and Onee styles: Mode 5

Beauty products, deco and gyaru clothing: Dream Boutique

Nails, deco and maybe clothing in the future: Chaotic Doll

Finnish nails for Western gyaru: Fanni's Nails

False lashes, makeup, skin care and more: Pretty & Cute

Japanese gal brand makeup, and circle lenses: The Doll Eye

Used Japanese gyaru brand clothing: Gyaru Shop

Liz Lisa, Snidel, W♥C, Prisilla wigs and more brands: Tokyo Girl's Shop

106 fashion brands, accessories and magazines: Gyaru-K Online Shop

Co&Lu, Liz Lisa and offbrand items: Madame Chocolat

Japanese brand shoes, Venti Anni: http://stores.ventianniusa.com/StoreFront.bok


  1. Thank you for the shout out! I've added a link to this blog on our front page.

    TJ Evans, proprietor
    Royal Quartz
    cs [at] royal quartz . com

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  3. That's crazy, I didn't even know there was a distributor like Shibuya Closet in the West! ...I fail. Epically. Haha~

    Thank you so much for posting these, though! <3

  4. Hey, I just wondered if you wanted to do a link exchange...I run a gal blog: blooomzy.blogspot.com

  5. Hey sweetie!~ Can I post a link to your blog on my site?? :)

  6. You can link to the blog, and Bloomzy I'll add you to the blogroll :)