Gal Dictionary

B-gal - Gals imitating R&B hip hop artists by having dark tans and braided hair

Baika/Bozosoku - Those who dress in biker girl style can often be found smoking or drinking while wearing lots of leather, faux hawks, chains and fingerless gloves

Banba - Known as "Barbie style" within the gyaru community but described as "street walker style" by outsiders, the makeup is much more subtle than Manba but the hair colors and clothing styles are similar

Circle Lens - A type of contact lens with a larger than average iris diameter

Coord/Coordinate - An outfit

Deco - Term used for the art of decorating inanimate objects (such as false nails, cell phones and photo frames), usually with plastic gems or small food shaped cabochons

Eurobeat - The type of music that Para Para is usually danced to

- Usually refers to false eyelashes but can also refer to fake finger nails as well

Gaijin - A foreigner that does not originate from Japan

Ganguro/Gangyaru - The same as gyaru but often used to refer to the old styles of gyaru from the 90's until the early 00's

Ganjiro/Shiro-Gyaru - Gals who choose not to tan and go out of their way to stay pale

Gonguro/Ganguro/Gongal - A dark tan is necessary and often worn with white eye and lip makeup, slightly more subtle than Manba

Gyarusaa/Galcir/Gal Circle/Galsa - An organized group of gals who give themselves a team name and schedule events or Meets in order to further promote gyaru fashion

Gyaru - The Japanese word for "Gal"

Haady - The name was created by gal magazines and is generally applied to those who wear bright 80s inspired clothing by JSG and Galaxxy

Hime - Meaning "Princess" in Japanese. Hime style consists of dresses, lots of pink, floral, pearls, big curly hair, high heels and tiaras. It is sometimes compared to Lolita style

Ive-sa - A Gal Circle that holds public events and sometimes participates in Para Para competitions

Kigurimin - A type of over-sized animal theme pajama

Manba - Gals who wear thick white makeup with bright eyeshadow, club clothes, and hair dyed in unnatural colors

Me2/Meet/Meet-up - When gals make a plan to meet together and enjoy activities, often involving Purikura, practicing Para Para and shopping

Nago-sa - A Gal Circle meant for friends to hang out, shop and exchange fashion or makeup tips

Para Para - A type of Japanese dance

Purikura - A popular sticker photo booth machine that allows clients to decorate their photos using computer technology

Romanba - Like with Himegyaru, gals who dress in Romanba favor pink, lace, pearls, pastels, roses, anything cute and romantic, but the makeup and tan resemble Yamanba

Rasuta - Defined by the colors of the Jamaican flag (red-green-yellow), tributes to Bob Marley, hemp accessories, etc

Saike - A "psychedelic" style that incorporates tie dye, headbands and crazy hair

Shibuya 109 - A large shopping center in Japan that is dedicated to women

Tribe - Another word used to describe Para Para dance groups or Gal Circles

Tsuyome - Although sometimes mistaken for Banba, Tsuyome makeup is lighter and hip hop or rock is incorporated into coordinates

Yamanba - This style is recognizable by it's Hawaiian prints, leis, thick white and black makeup, stickers or gems glued on the face, use of Disney characters, dark tan, sandals, and brightly colored hair

Yanki - Worn with combat boots or stilettos and military accessories

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